Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Eisner, Fancy Food and more...

What a remarkably bright group! The professionals of Eisner LLP, Accountants and Financial Advisor were so enthusiatic and responsive that last Friday's seminar at their Manhattan offices was definitely one of the most successful ever. We helped participants to learn to identify and relate to various tyipes clients and prospects and provided tips on overcoming general and specific objections that they might run across.

The feedback has been wonderful and very gratifying.

Also, we've been invited to present at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco in January and are working to develop a seminar for the Retirement Division of Merryl Lynch.

In May we'll be presenting a webinar which we'll tell you all about in upcoming messages.

Please let us know if you're seeing this blog of ours! A prize to the first 5 responses!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

It's already September and we're still reeling from our July "Selling without Selling" whirlwind. We presented a seminar at the New York Fancy Food Show at Javitz for food manufacturers, retailers and salespeople on how to achieve the most success at the Fancy Food Show! Attendees got a crash course in instand relationship building, presenting and, of course, closing.

Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor from around the country met in Princeton, New Jersey for our SWOS tips on making the telephone your best friend. In our "You and Your Phone: A Dynamic Duo!" Seminar they learned how to get attention, keep attention and get an appointment on the phone...as well as some solid networking advice.

Then it was up to Syracuse, New York for a 2-day seminar for Colony Liquor and Wine Distributors. They are instiuting a program to upgrade their Customer Service personnel to Sales with the "Selling without Selling" System being the launching vehicle. Attendees said that the 2 days "flew by" and that they were energized and looking forward to implementing what they had learned immediately.

In late September we will be conducting a seminar for the Professionals at Eisner LLP a major NY accounting firm. Attendees are very comfortable with their roles as accountants. We're going to help make them more comfortable with their roles as Professional Salespeople.

Also in the works are programs for Merril Lynch's Retirement Division and for San Francisco's Fancy Food Show.

Please let us know what's new with you and we'll